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Hair Restoration

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Are you suffering from Hair Shedding, Thinning, Breakage, Hair Loss or Alopecia? Are you trying different kinds of treatments, products or vitamins and feeling like you are not getting anywhere with them?

Did you look one day and just realize how thin your hair really is? Or Perhaps you covering it up and every time you go to comb out your hair, there is more and more coming out?

If you are bothered by or moved by or can relate to any of the above questions, then this program is for you.

At Divas Doll & Dudes Salon, we are launching our Hair Restoration Services. These services are designed to help with hair loss. DDD Salon will be offering a full range of these hair loss services for those that are experiencing various types of thinning, breakage, and alopecia. Our services are different from your normal every day fight to prevent hair loss in that we done our research and found products that will aid in the restoring of client’s hair. Along with other tools that will take your hair restoration to another level.

Want to know More about the Program and what it entails? Book your Consultation Today

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